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DH Incubator Pitch

Today I pitch my research idea for the DH Incubator. The University of Maryland Libraries have held a series of workshops on getting started in the Digital Humanities this last semester. The last workshop (today's) is the pitch for attendees DH projects. My project is the independent study that I am planning to do for the spring semester. I don't anticipate my project being chosen for the DH Incubator, but am hoping that by presenting it I can get the support of University of Maryland Libraries' faculty and staff. Which will help me complete my independent study and hopefully complete the beginnings of a publishable article by the end of the semester. The slides for my proposal explain that I would like to examine "the information seeking behaviors of humanities instructors for digital resources" in librarian speak. Or "what makes DH useful for instruction" for everyone else. Then I have to decide if I want to submit my proposal as a topic for D

Developing Internet Applications Final

Last week my group presented our perl based internet application. We used a perl module from CPAN called Twitter::Badge . In this module a user enters a twitter handle and the program returns that twitter user's most recent tweet. We adapted the program to display a twitter user's 5 most recent tweets. We allowed a program user to enter up to 6 twitter handles which were processed as an array. The Twitter::Badge would then retrieve the tweet and send it to a sub-array for each user. It was necessary to create a document for each individual user to hold the tweets. The interface was set on an automatic refresh every 3 minutes because that was the maximum number of requests will allow by the program per computer. We had problems setting up our program because Twitter updated their API while we were working on the project. This meant that we had several weeks when we were unable to work on implementing our project as our module's author worked to get the modu

Final Perl Programming Projects

Last week we presented our Perl projects to the class in INFM 743. These are examples of my classmates projects. Project 1 - Indian Cricket League website to aggregate information about cricket teams, players, and matches which is built using MySQL, Perl, and Javascript. Project 2 - Weather website which compares weather underground and geo weather websites. Project 3 - Another website which tells the user what weather specific item might be necessary. Project 4 - Smart email program in which the program reads words written in an email and then searches flickr for an image with the same tag. The image selected by flickr will appear with the email. Project 5 - Where am I? game program is a guessing game in which an image from flickr is uploaded to a website and then the user is given 4 cities to guess where the picture was taken. Each game runs 20 pictures. Project 6 - Another weather website "Simple Weather Stylist" provides clothing suggestions (and an ima

Done Already: LBSC 751's Final

Most of my peers who already have or are currently working towards graduate degrees in a humanities field decided to take one of the many of the information access courses other than LBSC 751: Information Access in the Humanities this past semester. They gave sound explanations that had to do with diversifying their courses to increase their employability. Their logic gave me pause about pursing this course. However, after reflecting on my purpose for earning an MLS I decided that LBSC 751 would be a good fit for me this semester. I blogged about my reasons for earning an MLS in my post DH is a Service . I appreciated starting the semester off with an introduction to Digital Humanities since this is such a significant way of accessing humanities information. In the future DH projects have the potential to be some of the best cultural heritage resources for humanities information seekers. Though I will admit to being dismayed and confounded by classmates who had no clue what DH is an