Final Perl Programming Projects

Last week we presented our Perl projects to the class in INFM 743. These are examples of my classmates projects.

Project 1 - Indian Cricket League website to aggregate information about cricket teams, players, and matches which is built using MySQL, Perl, and Javascript.

Project 2 - Weather website which compares weather underground and geo weather websites.

Project 3 - Another website which tells the user what weather specific item might be necessary.

Project 4 - Smart email program in which the program reads words written in an email and then searches flickr for an image with the same tag. The image selected by flickr will appear with the email.

Project 5 - Where am I? game program is a guessing game in which an image from flickr is uploaded to a website and then the user is given 4 cities to guess where the picture was taken. Each game runs 20 pictures.

Project 6 - Another weather website "Simple Weather Stylist" provides clothing suggestions (and an image)recommendation based on the weather.

Project 7 - A news webpage which takes the input and will allow a user to search for news stories or images on a given subject. Used Google news search and Google image search.

I will tell you all about my project tomorrow.