Developing Internet Applications Final

Last week my group presented our perl based internet application. We used a perl module from CPAN called Twitter::Badge. In this module a user enters a twitter handle and the program returns that twitter user's most recent tweet. We adapted the program to display a twitter user's 5 most recent tweets.

We allowed a program user to enter up to 6 twitter handles which were processed as an array. The Twitter::Badge would then retrieve the tweet and send it to a sub-array for each user. It was necessary to create a document for each individual user to hold the tweets. The interface was set on an automatic refresh every 3 minutes because that was the maximum number of requests will allow by the program per computer.

We had problems setting up our program because Twitter updated their API while we were working on the project. This meant that we had several weeks when we were unable to work on implementing our project as our module's author worked to get the module functioning with Twitter's new API.

During that time we examined other Twitter modules. The one we found most interesting was Twitter::TagGrep. We really liked the idea of adapting our module to display multiple lists of hashtags on However our original module started functioning and we went back to working on that rather than starting from scratch.

Anyways, I posted a non-functioning sample of our final project on my UMD webspace.