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Computer Programming + Comedy!

Last night I had my first INFM 743: Developing Internet Applications class. I've been terrified of this class since I dropped INFM 718N: Web Enabled Databases during summer school. But I really wanted to take it because I think it will help me to better understand how Digital Humanities/Digital History works. I've also really enjoyed the web programming ( coding? which is it? ) that I've learned and want to learn more. Expectations and concerns aside, I'm looking forward to this class more now than I was yesterday morning. &iquestWhy do I have high hopes for this class? First of all, I appreciate the instructor's slow approach to delivering material and forcing people to ask questions (though this could become a problem for me - see below). I felt like I learned a lot and understood more about how programing languages work by the end of class. I really appreciated that because most CIS instructors seem to just insist "Do it because this is the way it wo

An Interesting Library Science Class?

The first day of school this fall I had LBSC 751: Information Access in the Humanities. This is one of the classes I am most interested in taking at UMD's iSchool. I was really happy when I saw that this class would be offered while I am a student. (I'm such a nerd that I get disappointed when a class I want to take is not offered while I am a student.) I know you are wondering why on earth I am excited about a basic reference course. First of all, I'm hoping to get the beginnings of my independent study research project into access issues relating to digital humanities started via the coursework in this class. Secondly, I would really like a job in digital humanities, as an academic subject specialist, or in a cultural heritage repository and so this class seems like it will be really helpful. Finally, this course is taught by one of the professors I was really hoping to take while I am at UMD. Color me happy! Have a great day and keep smiling! :)

An Introduction

Hello and Welcome! My name is Laura and I am starting this blog as a way to keep track of my various education and librarianship interests. For a general overview of the topics covered (and to be covered) by this blog please check out the " About " page. To understand who I am, why I care about education and librarianship, and why you should bother to trust my opinion peruse " Who Me? ". The additional pages are here to serve as a digital portfolio of " Education & Experience " as well as my " Professional Engagement ". I currently have several projects in the works (related to Special Collections and Digital Teaching/Learning) so check back in or subscribe via the RSS feed or email. Feel free to leave a comment and introduce yourself if you've stumbled across this blog. Have a great day and keep smiling! :)