Resolutions for 2013

Since yesterday's post means that 2012 is officially over (I wish! Working in academia there are no clean year end breaks - especially outside of the classroom), the plans for 2013 can begin! So since I'm always hatching some 'scathingly brilliant' plan (+2pts for recognizing the quote) allow me to update you on a few of mine for 2013.

1. Rock an internship with Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage's web developer. I am super excited to start this internship and will do my best to keep you up-to-date on both the fun and daily things that I will be doing every Thursday and Friday this spring.

2. Complete a research project that can be published in an academic journal. You might have noticed I am interested in the ways that Digital Humanities projects can be used for instruction, I'm trying to undertake a study of how UMD Humanities faculty are using DH projects in their courses this spring. I just need to get an advisor for the project (I have someone in mind the timing just hasn't been right to ask 'em - and 3 other people have volunteered if that person is unavailable, so I'm not really procrastinating).

3. Pull off the William Morris Exhibit event Wayzegoose! Celebrating How We Might Live: The Vision of William Morris. This is currently a sore subject so that's all I'll say.

4. Continue to make headway on the Literature and Rare Books webpages. I would like to either create libguides or update existing libguides to better represent the research potential within our collection. Additionally, I would like to expand the categories of books that we have represented on the web and better describe the contents of the collection on the web so that it can be found and used easily. I will have help in this from some great student assistants and an intern.

5. Get a full time job that allows me to work with cultural heritage objects, the web, and curriculum. Baby steps people, both Napoleon and Alexander walked before they ran.

6. Be a better blogger. I would like to make blogging part of the rhythm of my day (along with working out, sewing, and practicing the piano). I have so many ideas that I want to put down and experiences, like my first humanities MOOC which I took last semester and the digital archive I created dedicated to Joss Whedon, that I want to record. I just need to make writing about them here a natural part of my day.

These are obviously just resolutions relevant to this blog, but if you have any suggestions I'm all ears.