Practicing Perl in Latin?!?

A couple weeks ago I came across a webpage that demonstrated how to install and use a CPAN module which would allow programmer to write Perl code in Latin! I geeked out a little bit. I was/am amazed and amused that someone would want to write Perl in Latin. I can only read and write in Latin with the help of a dictionary. I am finally beginning to read Perl. The idea of combining the two blew my mind.

My INFM 743 has taught me read through simple Perl code so that I'm now able to follow the code well enough to hypothesize about the outcome. Coding is no longer a mess of letters and symbols but it's starting to make sense. Yay! Though how literate I actually am will be shown by today's midterm.

For now I need to practice my Perl basics, but someday I just might be able to practice Perl and Latin all at the same time. And wouldn't that be cool?

Fine, it would be geeky, but I think geeky is cool! ;)

Have a great day and keep smiling! :)