Can You Feel the Love?

I haven't gotten a single post up this week :( My weekend was devoted to completing the second programming assignment. That activity kept me up past midnight Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And I couldn't even finish one of the problems as required because I couldn't figure out the mathematical expression at its core. (Thanks Nelson for helping out with that part.)

The rest of my week was devoted to preparing for group meetings. That's right, I'm in the midst of midterms just now. Pray for me please. Since I was working on these projects I didn't adequately prepare for my classes this week and couldn't turn my homework into blog posts for my patient readers.

Anyways, my projects should provide fodder for a slew of posts next week. Additionally, today I'm attending 'A Preservation Odyssey: Paths to the Future' National Archives Annual Preservation Conference. Paid for by my work! Have I stated recently how much I love my work and how grateful I am for it? Well I do and am.

Have a great day and keep smiling!